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Residential Home Inspection

Integrity Home Inspections will always conduct a thorough inspection and provide a non biased report on the condition of the home. We will help protect you from costly repairs and hidden safety hazards.

Moisture Testing

Moisture can be considered the number one problem for any home. At Integrity Home Inspections we use our moisture meters and test areas to locate potential problems.

Electrical Testing

At Integrity Home Inspections, safety is first. We will use our electrical testers to identify potential hazards and let you know if it is unsafe and if the situation needs further evaluation. Electrical shocks are a dangerous hazard that can be avoided if installation is done properly.


Mold has been a hot topic for homeowners in recent years. The main factor that causes the growth of mold indoors is moisture intrusion. Construction defects/shortcuts, wet building materials, hidden or unknown leaks, plumbing failure and inadequate or poor ventilation due to blocked vents are just a few causes of moisture intrusion.

Mold only needs a little water, a little condensation and a food source such as dry-wall/wood. When working with IHI we will diligently inspect the property for moisture or any damage related issues from water intrusion. If we suspect the signs of mold are found, we will recommend a professional mold remediation specialist for further evaluation. Integrity Home Inspections understands the health concerns with mold.
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Pre-Listing Inspections

Gain an advantage when selling your home, consider getting a pre-listing inspection. Just like a professional home inspection, except that the seller pays for it well before you show the property.

At Integrity Home Inspections we will be identifying things the buyers inspector would point out down the line, such as items that need to be fixed, replaced or removed. Integrity Home Inspections will help you avoid the need for renegotiation, allow you to make repairs, speed up the sales process, help with pricing your home correctly, help improve buyer confidence, make your real estate agent’s job much easier and most importantly, reduce the stress of selling your home.
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Thermal testing

Energy leaks can be avoided by simply making right choices when it comes to insulation solutions around your home. Integrity Home Inspections helps discover issues with the insulation of your home by identifying both hot and cold droughts around the home.

With annual energy costs constantly increasing, by improving the insulation and eliminating thermal leaks around your home, we can help you save a significant amount of money.
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Mobile & Manufactured Homes

A mobile or manufactured home inspection is similar to a general inspection, but it has some special areas of concern. These homes are factory built that have different materials and fabrication methods, they’re more vulnerable to damage and some systems are neither visible nor accessible.

We will fully evaluate all areas of the home and pay close attention to the unique issues of factory-built homes. The knowledge allows us to pinpoint current and future issues that may be unsafe, lower the value or be too expensive to repair.
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Commercial Inspections

Integrity Home Inspections will inspect commercial buildings ranging from a commercial condo to light industrial/mixed-use.

We will perform a visual inspection of the building that encompasses its overall condition, focusing on all the critical building components (structural, roof, electrical, plumbing, air and heating, paving, drainage, etc.) safety issues and other potential hazards.

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Nader Soltanizadeh

Nader Soltanizadeh


Nader Soltanizadeh, the owner of Integrity Home Inspections, is an Allied School Member Approved by the InterNACHI education, Affiliate Member of CREIA Premier Educational and Certified Mold and Allergens Inspector.

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